An exciting combination of delicate contemporary cuisine, elegant décor and impeccable service that embodies the spirit of Vogue

Known internationally as the fashion bible, Vogue is an undisputed market leader in lifestyle and cultural publishing. With a global print readership of over 23 million and over 32 million unique online users per month, Vogue’s authority and leadership derives from its unique role as a cultural barometer.

VOGUE Cafés and VOGUE Lounges provide a uniquely fashionable dining experience, transforming the sophistication and glamour contained within the magazine into chic, cosmopolitan restaurants favoured by discerning individuals. Women who dine at VOGUE Café or VOGUE Lounge are passionate about fashion and luxury, and are ardent ambassadors for Vogue and everything the brand stands for. She is cosmopolitan and cultured, and appreciates great food in a chic setting. 

VOGUE Café and VOGUE Lounge serve contemporary European cuisine, beautifully presented and carefully thought out, with an edge towards lighter, healthier ingredients. The trends and fashions of the season are carefully considered when designing the food and drinks menus.

Vogue Café Kiev
Vogue Café
Vogue Café


"To be irreplaceable, you must always be different" - Coco Chanel